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How We Help Churches      
We know how much Christ loves His Bride.  We also understand a few things about why men are absent from church.  Even the men who attend don’t often experience true life change.  We want your church to have a vibrant men’s ministry.  More importantly, we want the men of your church to be masculine leaders.  In fact, we believe this is essential to the health of The Church.

We offer three ways to help you accomplish this goal in your own local church:


You can engage us to help us evaluate and then set up men’s ministry in your own church.  We’ll be honest and you’ll be challenged.  After all, isn’t that what true masculinity is - presenting truth and not backing down from a challenge?


You can engage us to help you, as a church leader (pastor or lay person) work through your own issues regarding your masculine journey with God.  We’ll help you take on the challenges in your own church by listening and helping you look to God for answers.  After all, isn’t that what true masculinity is - putting self aside and learning how to depend on God?


We’ll allow you to use our coursework in your own church.  We’ll teach you the best way to present it and show you how men learn best.  After all, isn’t that what true masculinity is - sacrificing in order to care and disciple men?

Want to see more information on our core Curriculum - The Fight for Manhood?  Click Here.

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