Fight or Surrender?

Both.  Surrender to what God has for you.

Fight Like the Man God created you to be.

It seems there is no masculine influence - that we live in a society void of REAL MEN.  Everybody knows it.  We're trying to do something about it.

Where are the real men?  The myriad of situations and circumstances that require real, masculine intervention are not being met head-on by real men.

- In the family

- In the workplace

- In the Church

- In the culture

- In all relationships

Fathers are absent and men are not stepping into the lives of the people around them.

We exist to change this - one man at a time.

(This ministry and website are run by real men in the real world.  No paid staff or leadership.  No expensive web design team.  So don't expect it to be real pretty with lots of bells and whistles.  Just the information you need to know.)