Bo Cross FLW Tour partnership

Bass fishing's popularity has risen drastically over the last few years and many of our graduates are avid bass anglers. The Bass Elite Series and the FLW Tour are the most elite of professional anglers - equal to the NFL, NBA, or Major League Baseball. Bass anglers seem to be a very open audience to the message of Fight Like a Man. The ministry will have a booth at most of the Tour stops where fans can come by and get information about what we do and how they can offer it in their own area. Bo will be making speaking engagements at churches and other functions where he too will promote the Fight. Bo is a graduate of The Fight this past fall. 

"Going through the Fight really changed my life and I knew then that this was something I wanted to partner with and spread the news about".  Bo has been fishing professionally for years but this is his first, or rookie, season on the big stage of bass fishing.  "I'm looking forward to some success this year but realize this is a huge step up for me.  I'll be fishing against the best in the world."  

If you are at any of the tournaments keep a look out for Bo and watch for results at the FLW tour website.