Bo Cross saves little girl

Bo Cross was walking in to a West knoxville restaurant when he heard some yelling.  "I saw a man and woman really chewing out a little girl.  I thought, wow she's in some big trouble.  I just walked on, assuming her parents were just getting on to her".  But then Bo heard something else.  "I heard a weird sound, not a smacking sound but more like it sounds when someone gets punched in the head.  I turned and saw the man beating the girl with his fists.  She was trying to protect herself but her mom wouldn't let her get up.  It shocked me".  Bo knew then that he had to intervene as he didn't know if this was the girl's parents or not.  "I'm not against spanking but hitting a little girl with your fists, that's not right."  Bo went to the couple and asked them to stop.  "I said, please stop hitting her. Hit me if you need someone to punch, but please stop punching that little girl".  Then, the couple turned on him screaming obscenities.  "Before I knew it, someone had come up from behind me and had me a head lock while the man and woman began beating me in the face.  I tried to swing wildly to protect myself and even though I hit both of them at least once, they didn't stop."  A lady from the restaurant came out to try and intervene and the woman that was beating on Bo turned and knocked that lady out cold.  "She literally was out, flat on her back."  

As Bo continued his struggle to get free, he felt something in his eye.  "Something got stabbed in my eye a few times and I couldn't see.  I just tried to drop to the ground and cover up".  The group kicked and hit Bo while someone else choked him until he became unconscious.  He regained consciousness quickly and asked them to let him up.  After a while they did and Bo ran straight for his truck.  "I'm not stupid.  They let me up thinking I was going to try and take 4 or 5 of them on.  I bee lined to my truck and got my pistol.  Just as I turned around, there were three men coming toward me.  When they backed off, I got in my truck and left."  Bo made it home where he called the police and then was taken by Ambulance to Park West Medical Center were he was treated for 2 stab wounds to his upper eye, multiple lacerations to his body, severely bruised ribs, and partially crushed larynx.  The police are still looking for the suspects.

"The worst part is that they got away with it.  When people came out of the restaurant they told them that I just walked up and started a fight with them.  By the time the police got there, however, they had fled.  So they are still out there."  

 Our prayers go out to Bo and his family for a quick recovery.  "We need more hero's like Bo in our society" said Brad Maynard, the ministry's founder.  "If that was my daughter, its' good to know that Bo would be willing to risk his life to try and save her.  We are real proud that Bo is our director of Outdoor ministries."  If you have any information about this please contact the Knoxville Police Department.