FLW Tour - Chickamauga

After a slow first day, Bo Cross has the 10th largest weight on day 2.  "I didn't adjust well to the drop in water level.  The spot I had was blocked on Thursday.  There was maybe an inch or two of water at the entrance.  I could sit there and look back in the pocket and see the big ones swimming around back there but couldn't get to them."  But day 2 was different.  "I went to my strength and went way up the river.  I just about had it all to myself.  It didn't take long for me to start filling the boat.  It's hard not to wonder what would have happened if I would have done that on day one."  Bo didn't realize that his weight on day 2 - almost 17pounds - if also caught on day 1, would have put him in 9th place and kept him fishing for the $125,000.