Sons & Daughters

Your Spiritual Legacy
Boys need to know that they make their dads happy.  They have to know that they have what it takes to be a man.  And the only place they can learn this is from their dad. 

Girls need to know they are beautiful.  They need to learn how to give their love away to a man with all purity, grace and strength.  The only place that can be affirmed in them is from their dad.

Both boys and girls need to understand that dad is an imperfect man who’s desires for their well-being don’t always match what we’re able to give them.  And, that their heavenly Father will never fail them.  He can give them everything they long for - and give it perfectly.

Even Jesus longed for and received the blessing from His Father.  Then God said to Jesus, “this is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.”  Mat 3:17

Rites of Passage
Fight Like a Man offers several opportunities for to show your sons and daughters your love for them and how much pleasure they bring you.  

For sons, we offer ceremonies to take make boys pages, squires and eventually knights (just like their dad).  The premise being that boys are on a journey to manhood, their dad is right beside them and that this manhood is all about loving and serving the Heavenly Father.  These ceremonies will help you show them that they have what it takes to be a man.

For daughters, we offer ceremonies to help you show girls what true love is, how you see their beauty and grace and who they are as daughters of the King.  The ceremonies will show them that your love for them goes beyond what you have been able to show them.  It will show them that they are complete in beauty and womanhood with Jesus in their hearts.

Mentoring & Help
We chuckle whenever we consider that we’re offering parenting expertise to others.  Truth is we really don’t know what we’re doing.  But, we have a heart and passion for dads to help them be real men to their families.  Men who admit fault, present that fault to their children, who are not passive regarding the tough issues that kids face, and who are willing to fight to the death for their children.  

- We’ll help you understand what boys and girls need to know from their dads.  We’ll help you to see their moms like God sees them - not as the enemy but as the one who true heart is the gentle, strong nurturing beauty that God made them to be.  
- We’ll help you get over your sense of inadequacy at pro-actively leading your children because of your past.
- We’ll help you address their salvation, true Christianity, the love of God, sex and drugs.   

Contact Brad Maynard at 865.719.4563 or E-mail for more information on Ceremonies and Mentoring.