Theology and the like

Arguing over theology and the like are divisive and lead us away from our true purpose of walking in the fullness of the men God has created us to be.  We also know that for some people our basic beliefs and understanding of Biblical principles are important.  Thus we offer this very brief dissertation on what we believe:

-God is real
-Jesus is real
-What the Bible says is true
-Whether we believe it or not doesn't change the fact that its still true
-The End

For those that are really looking and trying to find some type of odd weird beliefs we may have like perhaps snake handling or being slain by the spirit until we laugh for hours until we vomit all over ourselves - here is a more detailed dissertation:

First, we are and are not aremeniasts or Calvinists - we are and are not post millenial, pre millenial, or bi millenial - we are and are not Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Catholic, or any other denomination - we are and are not Pentacostals, Charismatics, non-pentacostals, or non-charismatics.  Quite simply we aren't into labeling or pigeon holing any theology we believe.  We have found that men are sick of all that kind of stuff and want to focus on what God says about who they are as God's child and how to experience that fully in their lives.  Our brothers are made up of all denominations and participate in all forms of worship that is firmly founded on scripture and is not meant to be "a show" or could be disruptive.  We strongly believe in 1 Corinthians 14 which we understand to say  "one is to bring to the brothers a message or conviction from God and then the other brothers are to judge if they are convicted it is of the Lord".  This applies to worship styles, theological discussions, and the like.

Second, we firmly believe in the commonly called "great commission" of "Go and Make disciples".  We take its wording literally and very seriously.  Thus, we do not simply think that it means to only convert others to Christian beliefs but to go beyond simple salvation and truly disciple others - Come along side them, teach and mentor them, walk them through scripture, reconcile relationships in their lives, demonstrate deeper and more sincere prayer life, engage their wives and children, form lasting brotherly bonds, and so forth.  We believe that this is one of the most lacking areas within today's modern Christian organizations.

To the degree that it can be summarized - We believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.  That all three are one God (even though that is difficult for us to comprehend, we’re convinced of this truth because of the witness of Scriptures and through our own experiences).  They are perfectly unified and perfectly balanced in their roles.

God the Father is the creator of everything.  He is almighty.  He is completely just, all truth and perfect love.  Through salvation we are born into the Family of God and have adopted His riches as heirs - both in this life and forever hereafter.  He wants us to call Him “Daddy” and to depend on Him for everything.  

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully Man.  He is all-powerful, all-knowing and has never done anything wrong - not even while He lived as a man in this world.  He endured all the same temptations as we do but yet never submitted to any of them.  He was perfectly and fully innocent.  

Jesus knew that a sacrifice from an innocent person was required to save people from eternal judgement.  Because of His love for us, and because the Father asked Him to do so, He submitted Himself to take the punishment for every wrong thing ever done by every person who has ever lived.  He endured unspeakable pain and suffering so that we would not have to.  But, even though He died, He rose again from the dead so that we might be able to do the same.

Adam, the first man ever created, was given a responsibility to rule over God's creation.  Even in its perfection God found that something was wrong - man was alone.  He took Eve out of Adam and then explained that this separation is why a man will leave his mother and father, cleave unto his wife, and the two will once again become "one flesh".  God told Adam he was free to do as he pleased except eat from the tree of "the knowledge of good and evil".  Because of God’s great love for Adam, He could see the consequences of that choice and tried to warn Adam beforehand.  However, Satan himself deceived Eve as Adam stood there the whole time, watched, listened, and did nothing.  He couldn't even  say no to the wife he was supposed to lead and protect.  He was not deceived but knowingly chose both his wife and Satan over God.  And subsequently when brought to Adam's attention he blamed it on both God, for creating her and giving her to him, and on her, for being so tricky and talking him into it.  Thus his passivity led to not only his family being seperated from God but all of mankind after him.   Only God’s unconditional love for us could save us from this condemnation.

Since Adam, mankind has rejected God.  One time, the entire world rejected God except for a man named Noah and his family - they denied God even existed.  Another time, the entire nation of Israel rejected God and started to worship a golden cow - even though God had just rescued them from slavery.  Another time, all the people got together and devised a plan to build a tower so high that they could get in God’s face and proclaim themselves as God.  When Jesus was on earth, His own people demanded that the Romans torture and crucify Him.  And, today, God is still rejected.

The Holy Spirit, sent by God, presents to every person a gift.  He tries to convince us to accept this free gift.  He tries to get us to understand that we cannot do anything to save ourselves from this horrible seperation. This gift is a reconciled relationship with God, the Father.  He wants to have relationship with his children so badly that He was willing to give His own Son in order to take away our separation from Him - even for rejecting God ourselves.  Jesus' death did two things in one - his sufferings paid the priced for our own rejection of God and the wrongs we did and His resurrection gives us a new birth as a new creature or "new man".  Through Jesus' death mankind stands forgiven BUT each person must simply receive that forgiveness in order for it to be applied.  [In other words, in order to receive a package that has already been sent to your door you must only sign for it.  By doing that you verify that it is true, there is a package, you believe it is real, that it has been delivered as promised, and you now take possession of it.]   

For those who do accept the gift , the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside that person.  He becomes their guide, friend, comforter.  He kills the old person who always rejected God and causes them to be reborn as a new creature that loves and follows God.  Even though the old person is dead, the flesh (sin itself and the habits formed by the old person) is still tempted to do the wrong things it has been trained for so long to do.  Through confession of our issues and problems to other close friends, God, or both -  God continues to show us more and more of who we have become and we see our lives change. 

Satan (Lucifer, the Devil) was created by God as a powerful angel.  But, like Adam, Satan rejected God and aspired to become greater than God.  He waged war with God - but because God is all-powerful, Satan was defeated and thrown out of His prior role.  Alongside Satan, 1/3 of all the angels also rebelled against God and were relieved of their command too.  They follow Satan’s orders and seek to divide people from God in anyway they can.  One day soon, Satan will be thrown into Hell to be tortured forever and ever for His awful deeds.

Heaven is a literal place where Believers go to live in eternal bliss without pain, sorrow, sadness or death.

Hell is a literal place originally created for Satan and the fallen angels because of their rejection of God.  But because of Adam's passivity which subsequently led to mankinds seperation from God those who have refused God's gift of reconciliation will reside after death.

Anything that is not of Faith is sin.

Faith is knowing what God has done and thus substantiates our hope that He will do what He says.  Thus Faith is depending on God.

Believers are new creatures who love Jesus Christ and want to always do what God wants them to do - even though they make mistakes.  

The Bible is the Word of God.  It is perfect because God is perfect.  And anything God says is perfect.  The Holy Spirit helps us to understand what it says.  It tells us everything we need to know about Jesus’ sacrifice for us, why we need to accept it and how to live purposeful, victorious lives as believers.

Jesus Christ was the most masculine man ever.  He lived His life in perfect harmony - always knowing when to be tender and when to be rough.  He was strong physically, spiritually and in every other way.  

A married man is the spiritual leader of his family as ordained by God.  A married woman is given an EQUAL role in marriage as one who comes along side her husband and gives herself to him as a sustainer in their walk together as one entity.  

The reason God hates divorce is because it causes immense and seemingly irreparable harm to all those involved and negatively impacts generations to come.  Secular and Christian statistics bear this out in overwhelming numbers since data was first collected on the subject.  Thus, we believe that except for a spouse living in a situation where his or her life is in dire jeopardy  - divorce must be avoided at all costs and is should not be a viable option.  

If you have read this far you have too much free time or are desperately trying to either find something wrong with what we might believe or want to get to know us even better.  If so, go to our contact page and simply talk with us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.